I had a bunch of stuff that didn’t really fit anywhere. This is where it will go. Some of these are recent, others are from years ago….honeymoon, random shots from bike rides…you get the idea.


This was over Alaska. I shot this on the plane ride to Japan in 2012. The curvature of the earth and the line separating the atmospheric layers was cool.


Shot this one on 2/7/15. I was out installing the below coolant filter on my truck and saw these guys hanging off the corner of the house. It was JUST above freezing with an estimated high of the low forties so, everything was beginning to melt.

Ahh, yes. The coolant filter. When engines are cast, they use sand as the casting medium. When the engine casting is completed they aren’t able to get all the sand out of the coolant passages and, this sediment makes its way through the engine scratching and destroying items over time such as water pumps. This filter catches all of that.


In the fall, our homeschool group heads to Glencoe beach in the north suburbs for their end of summer get together. There was rain in the forecast that day and it looked to be blowing north of us. At about 3 o’clock we realized that wasn’t the case and we needed to bugout. Below is the storm blowing in over the beach.