Gretchen with praying mantis

I’ve always loved photography. Much like any kid in high school I took a class and was hooked. For whatever reasons, I never stayed with it and ...

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I had a bunch of stuff that didn’t really fit anywhere. This is where it will go. Some of these are recent, others are from years ago….hon...

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Once a year, in a small town outside Chicago, a group of people (link to Facebook page below) get together to show off the machines our forefathers us...

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Sycamore, IL Threshing Bee

Prayer Fountain

In late September 2012 I traveled to Osaka, Japan for work. Actually, I was in a Suburb outside of Osaka. It was a quaint town reminiscent of the Pils...

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St. Teresa Beach Sunset

In late October we spent a week in a 1,600 sq. ft. beach house in St. Teresa, FL. This is in an area of Florida known as the forgotten coast. St. Tere...

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St. Teresa Florida